DIY tilt sensor

A simple, yet effective DIY tilt sensor!

Tin foil, small plastic cylinder, breadboard, led, 220 ohm resistor, drill w/ 1/8 in bit, wire, electric tape, marble.


Take the cylindrical container and drill 4 holes in the bottom, like a button. Cut two 1 foot lengths of wire. Strip about 2 – 3 inches off the ends of both wires. Thread the wire through two holes to make a U shape. Thread the other wire through the opposite available holes. Wrap a marble with tin foil and place the marble inside of the container. Cap the container. Tape the wire that comes out of the bottom, making sure to separate each wire from the other. No short circuits! Set up an LED circuit where the negative side is interrupted by the DIY tilt sensor. Finally, utilize the power of gravity and tilt that switch so the marble goes in between the two loops that were made. Watch the magic happen!



IMG_1380 IMG_1378 IMG_1377

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