Augmented Reality

Augmented reality became reality when we used an awesome Japanese processing library called Nyar4psg. In order to use this library we had to run processing version 1.5 because it hasn’t been updated yet. Essentially, the library detects pixel clusters of the same color to find a black box, called the marker. On a sheet of paper, you must draw an asymmetrical shape, then take a photo of that image or scan it in. Kyle suggested this handy website

We made several sizes of the marker, 8X8, 16X16, 32X32, 64X64. Those images are loaded into the processing sketch so that it can determine if the shape inside of the marker is a match. When it matches, a 3D cube appears in perspective on top of the marker.

IMG_1415  IMG_1488IMG_1489 


Augmented Reality in Processing – Nyar4 Library Test from Yumeng Wang on Vimeo.

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