Bridge 3: Concept Sketches

While I was searching for Gucci’s advertising strategies, I found out about the #TMIGucci Memes they started to promote their watch collections. After I read an article about this activity, I wanted to make my own memes but with different ideas and different products. I wanted to make memes in specific and practical situations for people to sympathize in that situation. For my project, I want to take photos first, and then add photoshop.

#When you get upset for at least a day

I wanted to show how people get upset when their latest possession gets dirty. In the middle, a person is going to be sitting with an upset face, and the five thought bubble will show the process in chronological order.

#thought she had fever

A girl who is not good at make up puts on too much blush that she looks like she has a fever.

#after a hot night

For this one, I will be thinking more about the concept while doing the others because I was going to get the lipstick marks from the internet and edit it with photoshop, but now I think about it I thought it would be too simple.







#too excited after shopping

The girl who was too excited after shopping was swinging her arms around and didn’t realize that her shoe box/shoe has fallen out of the bag.

(I thought about this situation, and kind of thought that falling out of the bag is not that practical, so I am still deciding on it between swinging the bag too much that it went off the girls hands.)


#when you hurry after your bathroom break

In situations where you hurry after going to the restroom, sometimes you don’t realize about tissue stuck to the bottom of your shoes or water all over your shoe.