Material study iterations

The first iteration was the wire x plastic bag family, the goal with these iterations was to discover a way of utilizing the plastic bags stretchable characteristics to make a unit of some kind:

with this the bags were used in tiny amounts to create joints allowing for the wire to become a unit

this was an attempt to create a conical unit that kept itself taught through radial tension

This was meant to create an enclosed unit by taking an X shaped wire arrangement and wrapping it in a kite-type of formation

The next iterations involved the MDF board x bristol paper family:

The first iteration changing the number of peaks within the MDF

As well as using the same means of attaching the bristol together through slits in the folds of each shape

This iteration explores a change in orientation of the MDF

This iteration keeps the sloped characteristic of the original material study except this one uses smaller and more Bristol formations

These Bristol formations also meet by being attached at the edge rather than interlocking at their folds

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