Personal Work

A collection of drawings/models that don’t fall under assigned curricular categories:

These drawings were intended to be a sectional study of the Grokowsky household, designed by Rudolph Schindler

The plans for this study

The following is the work I did for a project managed by Universal Builders in Seagirt, New Jersey

A detail model of the kitchen ceiling

A detail model of the master bedroom ceiling

A Space From Memory

During our meditative exercise, one thing that was mentioned was the concept of “zooming out”. Specifically, starting with the room we inhabited, then progressively considering the space within larger areas, all the way to the span of the known universe. In addition to this, thinking about the contents of the room, or rather the space encapsulated by the walls. This made me think of chaotic but natural forms, such as light and sound, ricocheting off the walls and desks towards my perceptual awareness. This sort of experience reminded me of when I lived in the attic room of an older house. I had zoned out in my bed listening to music that droned on and on, almost to the point where the atmosphere it inhabited felt tangible. It was here when I really considered the fact that I had been taking my existence for granted, or rather never considered my place within a zoomed out scope.

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