Fashion: Behind the Scenes

The fashion show is a platform where a season of clothing is shown to the customers, well-known people, and the media. It is a series of clothing that has been designed and made before arriving at the fashion show ready for the models to wear. 

People get off the car and start entering the seats provided at the fashion show, including cameramen, celebrities. The stage is ready. The music starts playing. The models stride onto the runway in a chic manner, presented the clothing and accessories on them to reflect the theme of the collection.

They look so nice. Cameras record their movements on stage. The main designer appears on the stage. They all look so happy. The audience applauds for their performance. However, there was much done before to create a glamour appearance that lasts within a few short minutes.

Let us rewind to the time before the show began. The models are here backstage. Makeup artists, hair stylists gather around the model to create the only look for the fashion show. According to the hairstyle, some hair-dos take a longer time to finish. The models are being dressed as dressers and designers do the last minute touch up, sewing and tailoring the garment to fit the body well.

In order to achieve the fashion show that is going to be widely advertised for its few minutes duration, many workers have done teamwork to make sure that each model looks good on stage. There are stress and collaboration happening behind the seemingly easy and convenient runway walk. We should look more into all the handwork that took to create the great final showcase.