Object Redux

Research Directions

I put materials in consideration of its meaning and function. Using materials to provide a space to contain personal objects portably are mostly practical in bags or pockets. They can also be contained in smaller objects that will be so utterly invisible and unrecognizable that is considered personal and intimate to the user. It provides mysteriousness and security in protecting the precious material contained within.

I make detailed observations wherever I go, and I capture them. This is a habit that I have developed through time shelver I transport from one place to another. Some sights attract me so much that I stop to admire its beauty. I used to get to school, restaurants, and stores mostly by car. I often stared out the window, observing the streets. When I started walking in the streets more often, I felt so much closer to everything I could see. I could now feel the air, noise, and atmosphere surrounding me. I tend to notice tiny details rather than the main points.

Every fashion show consists of models wearing branded clothes walking on a runway. From how the clothes are being presented by the models to the interior design of the site of the fashion show, every aspect will be taken into the account of consideration. Respecting a fashion show as a performance, the stage is the world of the audience and the models are the performer. All clothes should come in a series that leads to a  broader theme, corresponding with the stage design. All details and accessories should be carefully examined to create a stunning fashion show.