The Days Gone Fast

I want to try retracing the map from Home to Paris through the exploration of different media.

The gray water-based dual brush pen gave a smoother touch to the line. I worked fast with it, having to move forward without letting too much ink to smudge the paper. I was struggling to find my way to replicate the original drawing within a rush. This is how I felt that time passed by so fast while I was in the midst of figuring out the cultural aspects, feeling out of control, and so much more.

The paintbrush dipped into black gouache gave a rougher finish to the line. I worked slow with it, as I kept running out of paint. I felt frustrated while regathering paint on to the brush repeatedly after I drew for a few centimeters each time. There were obstacles that I had to pass through, challenges that I had to face. I grew to be patient as I encountered countless situations.

Dry Cleaning My Shoes

I like to keep my shoes clean because I tend to wear them for a long time, at least a few years. In order to keep it new, I do the cleaning, about every 1-2 weeks.

I clean my Keds shoes with a bottle of Keds Sneaker Refreshener and Biolane wet wipes. Spray the Keds Sneaker Refreshener on my Keds shoes, I use Biolane wet wipes I wipe the surface of the white welt and rub as much stain off as possible, creating bubbles. At last, I wipe off the bubbles. And now, it’s clean once again!

The Two Worlds

The photos displayed in straight line directions towards the left are photos of graffiti that I took in the streets of Belleville.

The photos displayed in a spherical shape towards the right-hand corner are photos of the nature that I took in Parc de Belleville.

The different formations of photos aim to contrast the 2-dimensioned man-made artworks on the line-oriented streets and the 3-dimensioned spectacular natural creation in Parc de Belleville.

The Unexpected

This is quite unlike the days that I hoped the first visit to be: enjoying the slow-paced Parisian lifestyle.

I stayed up for the entire night before I took the flight to Paris, frantically packing my luggage. The days before school started, I had busy schedules visiting tourist places. During the orientation week, I was meeting new people, adapting to a different lifestyle. As courses are being introduced, I tried to manage my time while being heavily sleep-deprived.

I drew this line in one take on behalf of my memory of the occurrences in Paris. The wiggled lines represent the lack of sleep, stress, and some unpleasant encounters. The straight lines represent calmness compared to the times I felt overwhelmed. Texts are written beside the lines for detailed descriptions of the events.

The time accelerated.