Project 3: Description

Within our ‘Presence’ themed project, we are planning to create a series of film elements, that can be merged into a contrasted film, in which we can evoke a (seemingly) accurate vision of the city and metropolis of Paris. Thus, we are trying to create a presence of what we see as first-year foreigners in a foreign city, by the inclusion of our artistic manipulations and interpretations as well as a contrasting view of the Parisians and their views, life and perspectives within the city of Paris. Furthermore, we hope to translate these ideas and perspectives through a central motif and connecting point, which will be the myriad of statues situated on a variety of Parisian hotspots; thus, we will use these statues as a bridge between the past, present and future.

written by Noa McDonald

Project 3: Presence in Paris – Initial Idea

Paris a Tout Prix, a movie issued in 2013, about the main actress, an Indian girl working as a fashion designer in Paris. I would like to see the sense of time captured through bright colors in comparison to our own experiences students pursuing the fashion design major in Paris as well.

An Evening in Paris, a movie issued in 1967, shows the party life in Paris. There are many different parts of the city in Paris that seem are less lively than where used to be cafes, now the clubs. I would like to show the contrast of different lifestyles that affect how you perceive your time in Paris.

Project: The Frame – Initial Idea\

Deniss Mirea got the idea of the project from the internship she had, and I was also interested looking into the mass workers behind making the models look glamorous in the fashion shows, how the models felt when they were working as compared to when they were relaxed. Trying to capture the frame off stage, normally what is not seen on stage is our aim to notice the stories behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes Inspirations

These short clips brought the audience into an inside-view of the making of clothing that models wear in the Haute Couture. This is only one of the essential aspects of making the show possible, but already involves several people on the embroidery of one piece of cloth. Makeup artists, stylists, dressers, designers, photographers, are all involved in the backstage process of a fashion show.