The Guided Tour

The guided tour includes an introduction to the history in Saint-Germain accompanying jazz music from the 1920s, sharing traditional snacks that contain a sketch and a quote from the famous artists, such as Picasso, and more who have visited one of the cafes, and handing out black and white photo frames from the 1930s to the 1950s for our fellow classmates to find the right angle of the café from the present with the past and take a photo with them.

Sketching at a Café

Although these sketches were not included in the final product, I went to a café to sketch out the petit dejeuner I ordered. Fingers drenched in honey, eating while writing, I jotted down my thoughts while I was at the café. I hope to follow the steps of the great artists and writers who met the others in some specific cafés in Paris.

Printing and Assembling the Final Product

We stayed at the lab for a few hours figuring out what we could do with the book cover. For the guided book we cut the paper out, glued paper in. We printed the restaurant reviews and the black and white photos on transparent paper. Placing them perfectly aligned (the old photos on top of the new photos). We placed them into the book cover, all into the glue machine. For the poster, we printed, cut a hole, and trimmed the margins.

In Preparation of the Guided Tour

These are the patisseries that I have bought in preparation for hand-out snacks during the guided tour, including madeleines, croissants, and pains aux chocolate. Arya Savas and I worked together to place the patisseries into the paper bags she decorated.