The Days Gone Fast

I want to try retracing the map from Home to Paris through the exploration of different media.

The gray water-based dual brush pen gave a smoother touch to the line. I worked fast with it, having to move forward without letting too much ink to smudge the paper. I was struggling to find my way to replicate the original drawing within a rush. This is how I felt that time passed by so fast while I was in the midst of figuring out the cultural aspects, feeling out of control, and so much more.

The paintbrush dipped into black gouache gave a rougher finish to the line. I worked slow with it, as I kept running out of paint. I felt frustrated while regathering paint on to the brush repeatedly after I drew for a few centimeters each time. There were obstacles that I had to pass through, challenges that I had to face. I grew to be patient as I encountered countless situations.

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