Nature, Sound Art and The Sacred

One thought on “Nature, Sound Art and The Sacred

  1. Thanks for posting this! David Dunn came to speak along with Andrea Polli at the New School last year I think. Both of them talked about their work with sound and ecology. David Dunn did some interesting work in which he worked with scientists to study the sounds of a particular kind of insect that as decimating forests in the Southwest (New Mexico?) and found that sound could completely disrupt their reproductive cycle. The sound would actually force the insects into different patterns of behavior and it greatly reduced their proliferation in a lab.

    He talked about the gap between what may be possible in the confines of a lab and how difficult it might be to handle an expanded site like a forest. He talked also about his ethical qualms (I believe he is a Buddist) about being an insect killer for the sake of saving trees.

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