Book of Sound

“The creatives behind Brazilian Sound Production Company DM9Rio had quite an interesting idea for their portfolio relaunch. Instead of showing another showreel, like we have seen many times before, why not create something different. It turns out, they went for a very minimalistic solution.

They created just a blank book with little notes at the bottom of each page, encouraging the reader to make use of his fingers on the surface of the pages. By doing so, the reader creates some typical and common sound (opening door, galloping, sex on the bed,…) and gets moreover the impression of bringing the book to life with his bare hands. The book was ideally “read” by creative directors around Brazil, to get an impression of how important sound is to DM9Rio. “If we did this with nothing other than blank pages, imagine what we will do with pages filled with your ideas.” Nice. Words are overrated anyway… 

Agency: DM9Rio, Rio de Janeiro. Creative Director: Diogo Mello, Alvaro Rodrigues. Art Director: Ana Cecilia Novis, Marcos Gemal, Natasha Romariz Maasri. Copywriter: Leonardo Konjedic, Fernando De Clemente”


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