week 10: pledge turn prestige

April 10, 2019 - Seminar

The Blooming Moment

The blooming moment – an easy magic trick that depicts the story of a flower. To begin this magic trick, a clear bowl with water and a flower bud are display on the table. Also, there are a few colors of pigment such as red, blue, green and yellow as a support material; don’t forget to prepare a lighter. Moreover, choose any color of dye and put three drops in the water; place the flower bud on the top of the water. Then, the magical moment happens; the flower bud is slowly blooming on the top of the water until it’s fully bloomed consciousness. However, this is not the end, choose another color of pigment and a few drops in the center of the flower; the flower starts changing color slowly. Next step is to take the flower out of the water, then, at the time it was out of the water, the flower turns into a dry flower. Hold the dry flower on your hand, use the lighter to light up the dry flower; at the moment, and in a few seconds, the flower disappeared in the air. This magic trick shows the life of a flower in a few minutes. In such a beautiful but sad moment as time passes.


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