Sustainable Systems

Long Life Design Final Project – The Circle Of Life Creativity
  DESIGN BRIEF POSTER  First Version   Second Version     MATERIAL SYSTEMS MAP/MODEL Material Map   Systems Map   This bag is very [...]
In-class assignment (Dec. 4th)
  1) Yes. Sometimes if I have the idea of buy or replace a new item, I will become careless, because in my subconscious I feel that this item will be [...]
Week 13: In-class assignment
Week 13: Final Project plan and Work-in-Progress
  1) First I will try to collect old clothes or fabrics. Try to design different laptop bags, including shapes, fabrics, details, and sizes. Pick one [...]
draft design brief + reflect on FNBK process
  1)     The weather became freezing , the wind was very biting, and everyone was wearing thick clothes. The interesting point is that most people who [...]
PS147 Reflection + Final Projects
  1) I think it was a pleasant visit! At first, I was very nervous, I was afraid that I would not communicate with the fourth-grade students, or they [...]
PS147 Prep + Three Final Project ideas
  1) This is the first time I heard about the concept of Seventh Generation Sustainability. I think this idea sounds like an extremely long-term goal. [...]
Kettl Reflection + 50 Year object
  1) FNBK – PRACTICING OBSERVATION #3        2) Reflect on trip to Kettl – I think the most interesting thing is that everyone sits [...]
Independent Field Research, Long Life Design.
  1) Many people will put another layer of the soles on the bottom of the shoes, which will reduce the abrasion of the soles and make the shoes wear [...]
Week 9: Long Life Design business practices
  1) The company is built on transparency, honesty, and an obsession with quality. So I think in some way it relates to the cost, sales, [...]
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