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October 22, 2019 - Sustainable Systems



Many people will put another layer of the soles on the bottom of the shoes, which will reduce the abrasion of the soles and make the shoes wear longer.

I saw someone putting a sharp object in a plastic bag, which would cause the plastic bag to be scratched and could not be reused.

(Because I couldn’t take photos of what I observed, so I asked my friends to show what I saw.)


2)  Nowadays, many brands are included in fast fashion. They produce the most trendy clothes and then sell them to people at low prices, often involving harmful manufacturing, which leads to environmental impact. When I buy clothes, I will consider the practicality of the clothes, instead of discarding them once. Comfort is also a significant factor, and I think the comfort of a piece of clothing will also affect the number of times a person chooses to wear it. The workmanship of the clothes also represents its quality. I will not select a cloth that sewed in a messy way and unqualified.


3)  When shopping online, I will receive items placed in a box. Many times I will keep the box and put some small objects into the box. This will not only allow the box to be reuse but will also make the home more organized. This behavior depends on different people. Many people will directly throw the box away, but I believe there will be a lot of people who keep the box for their use.
The reason I threw the takeaway box was that they became very oily and the taste of the food stayed on the box, so it was difficult to use it again. It should be very common to throw away the takeaway box in our daily life.



4)  After reading this article, I realized that the impact of climate change on food is much more severe than I thought. Food maintains human life, but now we are destroying the laws of nature step by step. The article mentions different fruits and ingredients in different places because climate uncertainty leads to different results. I think these have greatly affected the growth of crops, the land planted, the taste and price of food. Although these situations and problems cannot completely solve in a short time, we can make some actions and slowly see the changes.

If I go to this restaurant, I will be inquisitive, and this must be a brand new experience. I feel that as more people become aware of the seriousness of the problem over time, more people may go to the restaurant, which also determines how long it will last. So it is possible to last for more than ten years.


5)Of course, it can last for ten years or more. Because this store is more like a heritage, continues the traditional technique of the older generation, and make good food for everyone to taste. Tofu is also an essential ingredient in everybody’s life. In an environment like Chinatown, the traditional quality will be more attractive, and a famous signboard will make everyone more curious about its taste. I feel that it is necessary to make different changes based on the original food because eating the same thing repeatedly will become tired. The new taste not only allows everyone to experience authentic food but also tastes different flavors. Different people like different tastes and the store will not be abandon with the innovation of the times. I think the combination of the two is beneficial. As long as the original taste preserved, change on this basis will be very different.


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