Week 2: Practices for the Anthropocene

September 3, 2019 - Sustainable Systems



After reading the article, question no.5, which is “Will reducing meat in my diet helps the climate?” surprised me the most. I never think of meat, especially beef will influence the climate. It seems no relation, but the reality shocked me. In the article, I understand how harmful to the climate and environment when we produce and eat meat. It will become more damaging with the grows of population and meat consumption. I realize everyone has the responsibility to change the present situation, even a little. I also learn about predictions, people always talk about the accuracy of prediction, and some people didn’t believe this. The article gives a clear explanation where it provides all the possibilities but not absolute predictions. It talks about the experiments that have verified. I get to know that food production and disintegration of the polar ice sheets are two possibilities that scientists count as the worst case. It may cause the price of the food and starvation; we are forced to abandon many cities and loss uncounted money. Reading through the answers of this article, I feel like we as human, we have a big responsibility. We somehow control the future of the world through daily life, and we have to make changes. Now we have advanced technology, but technology is only part of it. If everyone makes some change, then it will result in a much better and meaningful way. Finally, some of the information I heard for the first time, so I think it’s pretty much the same for my family and friends. They may know a small part or some superficial information but not all of this. I think it is essential to know and learn even though not everyone is interested in this.






Anthropocene is like a label that human-created. It shows some new phenomena happen in the world which also means human’s impact on Earth. Is related to a specific period when human appeared and start to be active that affect the resources and environment. It makes a big difference and maybe cause uncertain factors in the future.





Based on the Great Acceleration and Anthropocene, I think we definitely should become aware of this situation. Technology can be a critical skill that will be helpful to detect scientific problems. Artists can use their idea and talent to create work that depicts the reality which can be warning people. Practices should be “fly less, drive less, waste less” as the article said. We have a significant impact on Earth because of the population increasing and resources decreasing. We can reduce this kind of situation in our daily life. I’m in a fashion design major, so I learned about how fast fashion affecting the environment. If me as a designer, I hope I can let people into the situation about fast fashion through my work and be able to influence them to make changes.





Mierle Laderman Ukeles

I Make Maintenance Art One Hour Every Day



720 collaged dye diffusion transfer prints with self-adhesive labels, graphite pencil, collaged acrylic on board, and self-adhesive vinyl on paper


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