Week 4: Mapping Flight Systems

September 17, 2019 - Sustainable Systems



I think she is a courageous girl. At such a young age, she can use practical actions to achieve what she wants to do. Boat trips are a popular way now, and although it takes time and risk, it can be a very different experience. In the article, I know it is related to climate change threatens with sea-level rise. I know that she does not fly because of airplanes’ high emissions of gases, so I think she feels the nature in the way that she believes is right. After I saw her posts on Twitter, she used her actual actions to tell everyone, trying to change the existing problems for the future. This kind of perseverance is worth learning. When I see that there are so many supporters who have been supporting her, this positive energy behavior will also infect people.




The author gives me a very contradictory feeling. There are two voices in his mind. Traveling is to see something before it disappears, but the moment you get on the plane means you have somehow destroyed the world and make it accelerate the deterioration. This situation makes people confused, and it is challenging to have a method to improve. There are metric tons of carbon dioxide generated by an airplane that causes climate change and will affect hundreds of millions of people through health and the environment. Now people come up with carbon offsetting travel. I understand that carbon offset is a certain degree of offset or compensation for the carbon footprint that a person has produced through tree planting or other carbon dioxide absorption. So carbon offset is a decisive method, and I will be willing to try it. Offsetting not only changes the status quo but also encourages people to set a balanced mindset. Reducing unnecessary travel is an important goal; if it is necessary to travel, then this carbon offset is to reduce or even offset the harm through a harmful way to a better way. I believe it will become effective if people start to do this, know the effects and benefits.




Based on this article, I think people seriously take this situation, but there are still unchangeable factors where people have to take flight. The population is a big reason in Asia, especially in China, the increase in population somehow caused this situation. From my perspective, there are three types of people who take flight. First is students like me who study abroad; second is people who take flight for a business trip, and last is travel during holidays. Students can reduce the number of times they return home each year. People who work can find another way instead of flying, such as a video conference. Travel is a relaxing way for many people, including me. We can only reduce travel times and find something that can replace travel by flight. While in my opinion, we all have responsibilities to the result after taking flight and we definitely should travel less because of the unimaginable consequences that relate to our future. As a person sitting on the plane, we emit carbon dioxide, and it polluted the environment. We can travel in different ways other than airplanes. We can avoid unnecessary travel. People can be trying to find something around us that is more interesting than traveling by flight.




Systems Map – International Flight

system map flight. pdf


I think the government and corporations can delve into the optimization and improvement of aircraft, reduce the goal of carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce the number of scheduled flights. People should minimize flying times, not only for the environment but also for their health. For some people, carbon offset is also the right choice.



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