Midterm Assignment

Part 1: Finding the components and their orientation

With assignment 3 finished, we were introduced to the beginning of our midterm assignment, starting with the task of identifying 3 components and what they’ll be arranged into.

Originally the component I wanted to pursue was a sort of “A” shape

However, I figured it would be too complicated to fabricate 24 times, as the assignment called for 3 types of components, 8 of each. So I simplified the shapes down to a simple “V” shape.

Along with this decision, I was beginning to form an idea of how I’d arrange these components , the first idea was to have them “sweep” along the ground plane, gradually sinking lower into it.















Eventually this new orientation resulted in a horizontal arrangement that still utilized a sequence.

Part 2: incorporating this form into a design

After figuring out what to do with these components, I was tasked with applying this formation to three spaces.

At first I was thinking of creating a public space that uses the spiral to reach into the ground and carve a space underneath.

However this approach lacked a purpose, and the three spaces were unclear. Instead I decided to use this component to indicate an area of circulation that would still establish a surface and subsurface area.

With this in mind I began to conceptualize an auditorium.

I eventually decided to simplify the design of the auditorium:

With this concept came the model of the spaces:


Plans and Sections

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