Assignment BRIDGE 3: NY Experience

Our group choose the greenwich village to do the research, as we all know Washington Square is one of the most famous places in the neighborhood. Before I do this research I don’t really know the history about the Washington Square, I don’t know before Washington Square is a public burial ground. In the 19th century, New York went through yellow fever diseases. However, Washington square park did not include in the New York City limits yet. Therefore, most of those who died from yellow fever were buried here, safely away from town, as a hygienic measure. The cemetery was closed in 1825. Even today, there are more than 20,000 bodies rest under Washington Square. Excavations have found tombstones under the park dating as far back as 1799. But now people like doing some relaxing in this Square.

week 10: pledge turn prestige

My magic is to show audiences the paper that cannot be shred. To make the trick successful, the first step is to prepare two pieces of small square paper with the same size and same color. Then twist one of the two pieces of paper to make a spitball and hide it into the palm. These two steps are the preparation work before sitting in front of audiences. Then, face the audiences to show them the other piece of paper. Shred this paper, while paying attention to the movement range and not to let the spitball made before drop out of the palm. After shredding the other paper, carefully change the places of the shred paper spitball with the one that is intact and hidden in the palm before. The movement of switching places should be careful but no too slow in the case to be seen through by any of the audiences. Then, gradually unfold the spitball that has been prepared previously and to make the audience wonder why the paper is back to become a competed paper again. This magic makes full use of audiences’ “misdirected assumption about reliability” mentioned in the Tufte reading material to successfully daze their attention.


invisible cities

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I wrote Fashion party

Yuki is a fashion icon on the Internet. She has five million followers on Instagram. Today she wants to go to Soho to find something new for her daily wearing display. She arrives at the Soho block, walking directly into a clothing store named Venchy. This store is full of clothes and accessories of Normcore style, a contemporary fashion trend marked by simple design and pure colors like white, grey and black. Yuki picks a pleated silk blouse, paid for it, and then continued to find other fashionable things. Mikimoto is always Yuki’s favorite store on her list of must-go stores in this Soho district. This time is no exception. She goes into the store; the sales she is already familiar with showed he the latest designs, but she is attracted by a bracelet with only one pearl on it. Yuki wants to wear this piece of minimalist design with her black and white items for an on-trend look. She brings this bracelet and left. On her way back, she pauses to window-shop at several fashion brands, materializing the daily wearing clothes she is going to post on Instagram. She wants to share her life attitude of placidity with her followers through the simple but chic wearing.