Fashion advertisement

The advertisement for Chic Jeans makes full use of the body to visually describe its product and makes it look attractive. The whole image showcases the body in a way that they can use to describe what the product is all about. The center of focus is what portrays the message the advertisers want to convey to the viewers. Human consciousness is what creates a perception of an object or a body, and this same idea is used to display the product. The model with one leg on the chair creates a perception associating comfort with the jeans and symbolizing style and glamour.

It is clear that the image creators knew exactly what they wanted for the best possible display of the product. The description of the advertisement could be related to the whole image. The creators consider the body as a perfect display for the product. They consider the body as a source of conveying information to the viewers and selling the product to them. The body represents what the title says,” The world’s best fitting jeans”. The use of the chair as a part of the centerpiece or the body with the model represents flexibility and comfort. “Embodiment may be physical, cognitive or emotional and refers to the processes whereby a person’s life experiences are literally incorporated into their body.” The same fact that the body has different ways of expressing a number of things is taken into priority by the creators. The focus is on using the body to its fullest to serve the purpose of a source of expression.

The whole positioning and posture of the bodies are symbolizing confidence, comfort, and glamour. Clothing is often a vehicle for making bodies appear gendered. Here, the body is used to represent a woman who appears comfortable and powerful. The body symbolizes one half of the society and highlights comfort and sexuality.


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