Assignment BRIDGE 4: Research-led Design

For this bridge project, I choose Chanel to be my topic. The brand Chanel is more than a brand as it represents independent and strong women through the inspirations of its founder, its design style and its social impact. So for my artifact, I decided to make black women tie with camellia.  I choose black silk to make the tie, in one hand it represents the Coco Chanel is an independent and strong woman who was made the first Women’s overalls in the world. In another way is I want to commemorate Karl Lagerfeld,He also paid a lot for this brand, making the brand more youthful, raising awareness and allowing Chanel to reach a new height. The brand has a large social impact. Also, the price is not cheap. So I chose silk as my main fabric. I want to make people feel this my artifact related to Chanel when people see in the first time, so I add camellia.

Assignment BRIDGE 5: Presentations

Bridge 1: Memoir

For bridge 1 we start at finding 5 things about our memory. And in the seminar class, we write a story for each thing, then we need to use AR technology to make the 3D model. This is my first time to do the 3D model I think it is really difficult for me, I don’t know what I can do and I was really confusing about this project. After the teacher coming to explain the more about the 3D model, I start to figure out. I chose the red tea and scented candles.

Bridge 2: Contestational Artifacts

I designed mahjong for my partner. Mahjong has a lot of different ways of playing and there are different ways to win this game. Play Mahjong when you win this game you have a bonus.  So I want to bring this bonus to my partner.  But I think I can do it better if I doing this again, I will make more only not 1 way so people can have more information about Mahjong to start playing with it.

bridge 3: NY Experience

Our group chooses the Greenwich village to do the research, in this bridge project everyone all has their own thing to do. Before I do this research I don’t really know the history about Washington Square, I don’t know before Washington Square is a public burial ground. In the 19th century, New York went through yellow fever diseases. However, Washington square park did not include in the New York City limits yet. Therefore, most of those who died from yellow fever were buried here, safely away from town, as a hygienic measure. The cemetery was closed in 1825. Even today, there are more than 20,000 bodies rest under Washington Square. Excavations have found tombstones under the park dating as far back as 1799. But now people like doing some relaxing in this Square.

bridge 4: Research-led Design

My topic is about Chanel after I doing all the research I learned that Ms. Coco Chanel is a representative of feminism. Everyone knows that the representative flower of Chanel is Camellia. So I decided to make a lady tie as mine artifact.


Before I take this class I have zero expressions for using AR technology when I do bridge one we need using AR technology make our memory. In the beginning, I think this work is so difficult for me I don’t know how to start the project, but when I finish this work I feel really pried of myself. For bridge two we need to make a souvenir for my partner, I need to know her very clearly, know her preferences and then make a souvenir that she likes. I think it is very special to design something she likes from another person’s point of view, which is a new experience. When we doing bridge three, our group is research for Greenwich Village during the research I know a lot of things before I didn’t pay attention to. The last bridge I personally think is the hardest. Because when we need to do the artifact, Don’t know how to make a representative work, when I after doing the research it helps me more understanding my topic, help me to make a really good artifact. During this semester I learned a lot from making and writing, thought every week reading I know the different writing style it helps me a lot.