Before I take this class I have zero expressions for using AR technology when I do bridge one we need using AR technology make our memory. In the beginning, I think this work is so difficult for me I don’t know how to start the project, but when I finish this work I feel really pried of myself. For bridge two we need to make a souvenir for my partner, I need to know her very clearly, know her preferences and then make a souvenir that she likes. I think it is very special to design something she likes from another person’s point of view, which is a new experience. When we doing bridge three, our group is research for Greenwich Village during the research I know a lot of things before I didn’t pay attention to. The last bridge I personally think is the hardest. Because when we need to do the artifact, Don’t know how to make a representative work, when I after doing the research it helps me more understanding my topic, help me to make a really good artifact. During this semester I learned a lot from making and writing, thought every week reading I know the different writing style it helps me a lot.

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