Exploration of Techniques

I ripped strips of the magazine paper, tied a
knot at one end, and braided it and let it
open and flow freely at the other end.

I laid pieces of the magazine paper one on
top of the other, rolled them up, and
twisting the edge of the pleated paper,
retained their shape and posture.

I cut thick fringes on piece of the
magazine paper and cut separate stripes,
and fitted the stripes into the fringes.

I folded a half sheet of the magazine paper
in several directions and created volume out
of it. Next, I folded, bended, and assembled
another half sheet.

I folded and twisted the magazine paper.

I ripped the middle, crumbled up and using
the edge of the pleated paper, tied up one
end of a sheet of the magazine paper.

I folded, twisted, and assembled one ripped
strand of the pleated paper. I folded and
twisted the other strand.

I stretched out, crumbled, twisted, and
bended the pleated paper.

This is the same image as the one above,
taken from another angle.

I cutted holes and bended the pleated paper.


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