Meeting Fitzgerald

Just like 

every other



in 1924, I

came to 




                 Lilas to

               enjoy the



              with artists, 




          “Pardon madame, 

        would you mind if I 

     share a table with you?” 

    There were no empty seats. 

  “Sure, of—are you Fitzgerald?” 

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you.” “It’s 

nice to meet you, too. I really 

enjoyed reading The Side of Paris 

and the Beautiful and Damned. 

Will there be a new novel coming  

soon?” “Yes, I am currently writing 

a novel. It is about throwing off lavish 

parties, dressing up nicely, and

drinking alcohol, which comes with

violence at times, and striving for a 

goal — the most important decision

the character has ever made. 

Anyway, you will find out more when 

you read the novel.” “Where do you 

get the inspirations for your novels?”

“They come from my life experiences.

What a life I have lived, I was born in 

Minnesota, and I have lived in New 

York. I always find great hotels and

alcohol here and I enjoy the parties.

You see people dancing, musicians 

playing jazz music, all the people that

make the streets come alive. I have

dreamed of success since I was young.

Now I have it. I married to Zelda and 

my novels are selling well. I have to 

keep up with expectations. I will keep 

drinking, keep writing. Hemingway’s 

here. Thank you for your time today. I 

will go meet up with my friend now. 

See you  around, then.” “Thank you. 

See you too, Fitzgerald.” As they were 

sitting down at a table, the waiters 

brought them a few bottles of beer. 

They must be old customers. I wonder 

how late they will drink into the night.

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