Studio 2:Bridge 1

This is my first time to make loom, I really like I think it is really interesting. One of the biggest difficulties I had, when I was building my work, was that I couldn’t keep track of the length of the thread, and I often wound the thread together, which wasted a lot of my time, and because it was my first time, when I wanted to try to weave something new, it wasn’t always satisfying. I use wool to knit my works because I want to bring a warm feeling when people see and touch it, it is comfortable and warm. In my poetry behind the start is a kind of sad feeling but it took me more cheerful statement, just like my work I use a lot of black, when you look at the first you will feel black is very outstanding, but I use the small area near the different bright colors, see like the other colors in black gradually infection.

This is link to my Poem.

Poem and questions

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