Dérive II

The second part of my dérive project was to use my ink experiments on tissues, and try to recreate an art piece in an enlarged version (« grand aigle » format, 75×106 cm). The feedback from the students of my first dérive project helped me a lot threw finding how to improve my project, and how to convey my emotions in a format that is more accessible than experimental.

During the process that occured between both projects, my writtings of the experience helped me a lot in a way that I understood that I wanted to make the people feel my emotions of the dérive while watching my project. Indeed, my writting in foccused on the fountain of the Jardin des Tuileries in an abstract and personal way, that is diffucult to understand from an outside point of view, from someone that would’nt be part of this project.

Extract of one of my three poems ( the hearing, the touching, the sight) :

The hearing

The water lapping was beatting in my heart, when I heard the wind blowing through me.

Letting the flow of my tears penetrate this immensity, the flow of life was devastating me.

Water embraced me, and, gently in her flots, she enlaced me.

It flowsed to my Heart’s reach.

Dripping from the edge of the foutain, she was swilling down her thin lips.

Thrown by lovers, music ricocheted to her surface and on all the Love she already knows.

See how the water vibrates, each time I need to choose beetween my fates.

I caressed tenderly my dreams, the cold textured water and her sweetness

And how sweet it is to be lulled

I listened to your drowned happiness, flowing towards you the desire to embrace you.

What Happiness to be so alone together ! Enjoying this precious moment.

We were floating between two infinites, nestled just at the edge of heaven.

The blue sky overturned suddenly trembeled like a curtain.

The Sirens intrigued our thoughts.

Without teaching me where my desire is ?

I would like to improve my project in a « part three » so that the project would be more immersive, comprehensible and finished. I want to hang my big piece of art in a bright white room and play a recording of myself reading the poems slowly and set my little tissue book on a coffee table just beside my large format, so that the audience can freely leaf through it. So the link between the three projects is more understandable.




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