Les Pères Lachaise (Part 2)

Intentions :

For Part two, we decided to focus more on the installation of the videos, to make an immersive effect. We separated the full video in four different clips, four different seasons. We tried different types of set ups of walls and projectors and we finally decided to create a square were people can move around and chose which clip draw more their attention. We didn’t know I we wanted to use again the mirror film, because It was really interesting regarding to the concept of heterotopia.



Sketches of ideas for the “performative screen” :


Finally, we understood that having ideas without testing it concretely doest mean a lot. The day of the presentation, we tried our first idea but it didn’t work as we wanted so we changes our plans last minute. We thought that using a use projector on the wall would be more immersive, with just the films, the voices, and real leaves on the floor.


Ideas for the set up :

We used the word that the public thought about while watching our film on the first presentation.



Some shots of my video of the winter :


Here is my winter video that I arranged because we decided to add clips of images of our respective seasons found on the internet, and also edit the filters by removing some filters on certain clips :






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