Precious waterfall

Sketches of my first ideas :


first idea using a belt :


Research with different materials, fabrics :



A semblance of continuity, using different fabrics :



Researching different textures :





First tries using different fabrics :






Tries for editing :





Final presentation :





Intentions :

In this tryptique I tried to conceptually convey the galactic aspect of the emergency blancket. I played with the movement of this blanket, moving it on the scanner so it creates an immersive impression, hypnose. I vonlontary mix the two sides of the emergency so that the transitions are more understandable. The last picture is completely gold and the first one is more silver. The 2 nd scan is a transition between silver and gold that mixed together, it looks like it is melting. Sometimes, the blanket create blurriness, sometimes It shakes like heart betting. 



The chaos represented in this art also called sound thats why I recorded the sound when I was scanning it. 


Recording of the scanning process, effect of chaos :


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