Modernise remake Part 2

After the critic :

The critic was really helpful for me because I decided to change the cracked effect on the face of the model, replacing it by some kind of abstract tattoo. I think tattoos represent today some kind of power by the one who wear it, but at the time of Henri III, tattoos didn’t exist. On the initial portrait, Henri III, King of France is the symbol of power in this chiaroscuro painting. His penetrating gaze, the light that comes from the top left corner, and the big feathers hat represent power. Thats why I wanted to transpose this kind of authority in today society.

Influence :

Sketches :

Process :

Final Remake :

Doing different compositions :

Here are different composition of how to see the best way to enhance it. After that I took new pictures, replacing the cracked lines on the face, by some kind of asian tattoo. I tried to do a triptych of the actual painting + the remake + a picture of a close up of the tattoo because I think we can’t really see it from far. But I dont know if it would be to much. So I did 2 diptychs with the remake + the closeup, or the remake + the actual painting?
Printing it in black and white make the composition more powerful because we can focus more on the details. At the time of henri III, wearing black was synonym of power because it is the most expensive color for garments. I tried to do different compositions on a silver/miror paper, I think it brings it up to date.


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