“Emergency Bag”

Drawing of the first object :

I started from my marine hat and I was really interested in the little rope that surrounded the hat. I decided to start from this caracteristic and to first study the history of the marine rope and experiment with the different kind of knots, and also knots and rotes in fashion.


The process of my ideas :



I wanted to compine my personal taste, sometimes extravangant, to customize an already existing bag with unconventional material, something that I could wear but still original. I wanted to combine the rope as a handle and a textured emergency blanket for the bag.

The bag when I first bought it :


The process when I was gluing the emergency blanket on the bag :

The final result with the removable handles :


I was not complitely satisfied so that’s why I started to have the idea of a removable handle so I can create lots of handles that I can change according to my mood.

So I have been to my dad workshop and started to search for something as strong as the rope, that have the same type of use, but that would feet better my customized bag. I found a thick chain that I was directly attracted.


Overall, It was complicated to achieve because of the material ( chain really heavy and dense and impossible the work with, campared to the really thin and fragile material of the emergency blanket).


Final pictures :







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