Maria Del Pilar (PILI) Lopez-Saavedra

Artist Statement

My practice surrounds a progressive discussion of identity, specifically within the realms of sexuality, gender, religion, race, culture, and their intersections. Prevalent themes within my work are the concept of Sameness, Disidentification, “Gendered” materials, the creation of environments where new identities can exist, and a desire for public and private communication/understanding. These concepts are explored through the use of pairs, the creation of new identities, daily objects, religious references, installations, ambiguous poetry and my own coded language. Through a labor-intensive artistic process, I create objects, environments, symbols, images and processes that are reflective of my experiences and thoughts. Through the exploration and analysis of my own experiences within my practice, I seek to cultivate a process of growth and self-determination. Through the work I make, I hope to add to the representation and cultural production of Queer/LGBTQ Latinxs.