Space/Materiality FY Workshop Report

I went to the work shop Soft Sculpture History & Techniques At 11/27/2018.

The professor showed us three different types of sculptures. First one is Wrapping the Materials are: Fabric strips, wire, Scissors and Needle nose pliers. Seconded one is Coiling the materials are: cord, fabric strips,scissors. The last one is Weaving, Plaiting, Knotting, Macrame, Brading the materials are: Fabric strips, Wire, Needle,Thread, scissors, Chipboard, Metal sheets,Awl, Needle nose pliers. We only try the Fist one and Seconded one.

This is work I made in the class:

This work shop it is very usefully for me. When you play with those materials it’s really make you to make some new things. You can look form the picture I was made two different object one is wire with Farbire srtips and beacause it is wire so I can change the from really easy, And the second one is the professor teach us winding technology to made thread and Farbire together, it’s really fun It’s my first time to made. And professor ask us play with those than I put two thing together it’s a different thing. Made soft sculpture it’s so fun.

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