Week 08: artful replica

Original myth: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/18080313.html

Graffiti “police”

There are graffiti you can see everywhere in New York. These graffiti seem to be particularly beautiful and colorful. Many tourists like to take photos with these beautiful graffiti, but they don’t know the meaning behind these graffiti. Today in the 21st century, there are still many wicked people in the world. These people, the ordinary police cannot bring them to justice. They are very rich and some have very right. At this time we need to graffiti “police” to appear, I believe you have seen the Avengers know how they all suppress the bad guys, graffiti “police” and they are almost the same. Graffiti “Police” is a college student in an ordinary art school. No one knows what he looks like, no one knows what he is calling, and no one knows if he is really at an art university. We only know that he is everywhere. He can see all the secrets you want to hide, even if you hide it deep, he also can find any clues. He has a particularly magical pen, so don’t underestimate this pen. This pen can do a lot of things that you didn’t expect. You can’t wash the graffiti drawn with this stroke, and you can’t cover it. These graffiti are the eyes of the graffiti “police”, and he can know what you are doing through these graffiti. These graffiti are also full of vitality, once he finds that you are thinking about or preparing to do something bad. These graffiti will tell all the graffiti to stare at you and understand your plan. The graffiti “police” will collect evidence of enough crimes and send them to the police to let the police send you in jail. Even if you have more money, you have the right to fight against this criminal evidence. Because everyone didn’t know what he looked like, he didn’t know what he was calling, so everyone called him a graffiti “policeman.” Be careful, he is looking at you.

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