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Research question: How does fast fashion affect the environment?

In my seminar class, my research is about how fast fashion affect the environment so as we all know the fast fashion brand has a large problem with overproducing. It is a harm to the environment to know a lot of useless rubbish.  So thought my project I want to show that so when other people see my work they can have the same feeling with me or maybe different feeling but they can thinking abut from themselves.

Four artistic:

Fast fashion, Tom Warren, Installation, Size: 48 W x 168 H x 48 in,

This is Fast fashion Installation By Tom Warren, the artist thinks Fast fashion’ and the rise of globalization has created a culture of disposable clothing, exploiting low-wage workers in third world countries and is environmentally unsustainable. In an age of uncontrolled consumerism and devotion to materialism, retail chains have proliferated at an alarming rate over the last decade. This interactive sculpture is made by bundling an accumulation of garments and objects into a boulder-like form. The process of making/ moving it becomes extremely heavy and labor intensive, reflecting the culture of ‘fast fashion’.

This is public art is in Alki beach, Seattle made by  Electric Coffin art studio, all the clothes they used all from Value Village. Value Village Savers, a for-profit global thrift retailer that delivers high-quality, modest apparel, accessories, and household products, applies a repeating business model. This program wants to encourage people to recycle and donate their clothes doesn’t wear.


WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH: Craig Reucassel with fashion waste in his ABC television series War On Waste.

The artist shows Every 10 minutes how many clothes we can though away.

Blood Mountain created by Suzie Blake. Suzie fond most of the woman working on the Garment factory and they face a lot of woman rights problem and she knows that fast fashion also damages the environment so she made this Installation.

3 examples

Shirtwaist Waste: Landfill Slice by Joyce Watkins King.

When did jeans become fast fashion? (detail) by Joyce Watkins King.

by Joyce Watkins King.

mood board:

Four material:

Clothes, Trash, Paper bag, any leftover material

Sketch ideal:

So for bridge 4, I want to use people wasting clothes to cut and remade a new dress.


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