Final Project


Inspiration board:


My inspiration is form counterfeit, most people purchase counterfeit in order to fill their vanity, I want to create a sculpture to express the feeling of people’s vanity, and how nothingness it is.Also I wanted to express this fact in different ways, therefore, I got some different ideas. I also don’t want this project to be superficial.

My research paper is about counterfeit effect Chinese home grown designers. I want my project be displayed in a “fashion” way, it can related to my topic. Also, since the counterfeit has many characteristic, I want to show them in my project.


This is the idea I like most, and most experimental.

I want to create this accessory as part of Chinese young designer group, and explain counterfeit in my own way.

Actually counterfeit is made form cheap material, but gives people the feeling of wealthy. I want to show this characteristic on my project, my work is make by receipt, which is a very cheap material, but the dramatic and abstract look of the hat gives people the feeling of wealthy and fills people’s vanity.

I want to show my work in a sentimental way , counterfeit is a protection to people, it hides the inferiority of people, and fills with vanity.

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