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Project Deconstruction

I chose to deconstruct Project 3: Retro-futurism from the Integrative studio 1 class. I think that this project was the most intense of preparation and research.

To begin with, we had to go to the Pere-Lachaise cemetery and come up with an idea from there, which could be a pretty broad range of topics. So, the first step was to think of a project to relate to a cemetery. Our idea, as a group, was to replicate fashion that people 50 years ago imagined we would have nowadays, then taking pictures of wearing these in our everyday lives. So that is what we ended up doing; however, it was quite more challenging to actually begin with the project then we thought.

Step #1: Research how the cemetery relates to the topic of retro-futurism, and how we could connect that to fashion.

Step #2: Conduct research on retro-futuristic fashion and whether it’s relevant today or does it still remain as predictions from the past.

Step #3: After we had the idea and a slight connection, we had to figure out what the meaning of this project is; what does its concept tell us? The initial idea was to replicate the fashion that people about 50 years ago expected or predicted people in 2017 would wear and show it on the streets of Paris. We wanted to capture the reactions of people when they see a crazy outfit like this. However, the idea felt like it was not strong enough and required more thinking and brainstorming; it lacked focus and certain meaning.

Step #4: We wrote down some questions which helped us guide the whole idea into a clear project concept, which allowed us to keep on working.

Step #5: Then we had to research further into what those predictions about fashion in the 21st century were and how to replicate those predictions accurately.


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